Life Can be Overwhelming for Kids, Too

Parents aren't the only ones who need to de-stress from time to time. Kids can easily become overwhelmed, and if they don't know how to manage their emotions, they can become frustrated and out of control. Sometimes all they need is some space to breathe and de-stress. Taking some of the pressure off a volatile situation can be the difference between a battle and a learning opportunity. 

Here are a few ways parents can help kids can destress at home:

  • Take time out from each other - If you notice that voices are reaching higher octaves, take a few minutes to cool off. 
  • Go for a walk - Go outside and walk, even if it is just up and down the block. The exercise and fresh air clears our heads and helps us calm down.
  • Remember you are the parent - Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we forget that we are supposed to be the adult and start engaging in unhealthy behavior. You don't have to solve every problem as it comes up. Give yourself space, maybe even a time-out. 
  • Gauge where your child is emotionally - Your child might be tired, overwhelmed or worn out from school. Maybe something bad happened and they don't want to tell you. There could several reasons why they don't want to clean their room at that particularly time. Pick your battles and teach your kids how to compromise (take the trash out later, but do it now and you can stay up 10 more minutes, etc...)
  • Ask for help - No one tells us how to be parents. Most often we are just winging it. We get tired and overwhelmed, too. Instead of yelling at your kids to do the dishes and getting stressed, talk to a friend first. Hopefully, you can gain a better perspective by the time you are done. Besides, the dishes can wait. 

Stress is known as the silent killer because it can easily become a chronic problem. It can cause problems such as heart disease, anxiety, even suicide. The sooner kids (and parents) can learn how to manage their stress in healthy ways, the sooner it will become a habit that can last a lifetime. For more ideas about how to de-stress, visit