Rock Painting 101

Painting rocks is just like it sounds. All you do is grab a rock and start painting! However, if you want to paint a rock that is worthy of a gift or to leave for someone in the park, there are a few things you should know.

1. Pick a rock with a painting in mind. Once I get an idea for a rock, I look for a rock that has the right size and dimensions for my masterpiece. For example, I use a long rock for a mountain scene or a flower scene, a round rock for a smiley face, or a rock big enough to write on.

2. Once I have chosen my rock, I gather my supplies - paints I need, a palette, water and brushes, a paper towel or paint cloth and mod podge for the finishing touch. 

3. I usually sketch my drawing on paper first and select which brushes I will need. I have a hard time writing with brushes, so I have a paint pen I use for the writing.  If it is just one word, though I will use the paint because I think it looks better, more consistent.

4. If you are painting layers, let each layer dry overnight before starting the next one. Dry your rocks in a dry, well-ventilated area. 

5. When your last layer has dried, apply the mod podge lightly to your rock to give it a nice shine. It also seals the paint if you plan to have the rock outside. 

6. Show off your artwork! Take a photo and upload it to our website and we will feature it on our landing page! :)